CurveRite™ 1200 Advisory Speed Meter

Most experienced traffic engineers agree that establishing consistent advisory speeds can reduce unexpectedly dangerous situations. To assist you in determining uniform advisory speeds for horizontal curves, BAI Instruments, a division of Brudis & Associates, Inc. is pleased to introduce the CurveRite 1200 Advisory Speed Meter. This product is the result of significant research on employing modern instrumentation,microprocessor and custom software technology. The design and quality of every BAI Instrument is backed by our commitment to your complete satisfaction.

CurveRite Model 1200 Advisory Speed Meter

The CurveRite Model 1200 Advisory Speed Meter* provides extremely reliable data that is essential to establishing safe and consistent advisory speeds for highway curves. Whether it is an isolated curve, multiple “S” curve, or a ramp to/from a freeway, the CurveRite Model 1200 accurately measures the lateral gravitational force acting upon vehicles and their occupants. Consistent practices in establishing advisory speeds will improve highway design safety.

The testing and calibration of the CurveRite involved extensive research and technical development by Brudis & Associates, Inc. The instantaneous results and measurements obtained reflect the operating speeds of the highway, based upon the “Speed Zone Theory” and “85th Percentile Speeds”, which is adapted by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO); Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) and as defined in the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices, (MUTCD).

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