Inventory/Asset Management

Roadway Inventory Data Services

Maryland State Highway Administration

BAI is responsible for performing a complete collection of physical and administrative roadway features, assets, GPS Information and other highway engineering-related data (DATA) on State and Local (County, Municipal and/or other public) roads.  The DATA obtained is being used to support highway project development, environmental studies, systems and asset management, roadway design, construction, traffic operation and maintenance projects and activities of the DOT.  This project includes review of VisiData Software imagery.  Visidata is a software program used to view data collected along roadways. VisiData displays forward-view and pavement-view digital imagery and synchronized video images.

Traffic Sign Management Program

Harford County Department of Public Works

Brudis & Associates, Inc. successfully completed a comprehensive Traffic Sign Management Program, which involved the assessment of more than 7,500 existing regulatory and warning traffic signs, covering more than 965 road miles of Harford County.

BAI connected the traffic sign database to the County’s ESRI ArcView GIS software and existing database. This included integrating the traffic sign database to the County’s ERSI ArcView GIS software and customizing filters to display the various signs on the County’s GIS map.

Route Inventory and Evaluation Study

St. Mary’s County Department of Public Works & Transportation

In order to maintain the St. Mary’s County infrastructure and meet future needs and requirements, BAI successfully developed a comprehensive Countywide Route Inventory and Route Evaluation Program for the Department of Public Works & Transportation. The project involved a complete computerized database of transportation infrastructure for more than 600 road miles. The inventory consisted of a complete visual inspection of the 1,250+ County routes and input of features (including route name, number and classification, roadway length, speed limit, accident data, etc.)  into a computer database.

Upon completion of the inventory, BAI established a Rating System, which involved a comprehensive approach in developing a determination of a priority level of candidates for improvements.   BAI provided an analysis to develop deficiency factors, which affect the safety, capacity, operational and overall quality performance of the infrastructure.

DDOT Roadway Conditions Assessment

District of Columbia Department of Transportation

BAI is collecting citywide pavement condition data for 1,300 lane miles of both asphalt and concrete pavement streets in the District. BAI is Using MicroPAVER, HPMS console and DDOT’s SIS/PMS, a web-based system that houses DDOT’s street inventory information and HPMS data for reporting Federal Highway Administration. Data is collected on a block-by- block basis for all lanes available using the PCI Approach developed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Pavement distress data being collected and assessed includes PCI, rutting, faulting, longitudinal profiles, digital video games, number of lanes, type of lanes, and GPS coordinates.