Educational Facilities

Howard Community College Nursing Building: Concrete Walkway Repairs

Howard Community College

BAI provided a structural investigation and subsequent design services to repair the elevated concrete walkway entrance slab above the transformer space at the northwest corner of the HCC Nursing Building. BAI performed a site investigation to measure and verify existing dimensions, determine the locations and extent of concrete deterioration, and to locate existing utilities.  BAI prepared construction documents, specifications and estimates for the concrete repairs that include plans, dimensions, and details.   BAI also provided construction phase services for this project.

Howard Community College Athletic and Fitness Center: Concrete and Steel Repairs

Howard Community College

BAI provided a structural evaluation and recommended repair methods for the steel columns and concrete pool walls at the HCC Athletic & Fitness Center.  BAI provided a site investigation and structural inspection to observe the existing conditions, measure and verify existing structure dimensions, and to determine the locations and extent of concrete and steel deterioration.  BAI prepared and submitted a report that included a summary of the visual inspection, structural evaluation of the deteriorated structural members, and recommendations for the concrete wall and steel column repairs.

Upon review, HCC requested BAI provided additional design services and prepare construction documents for the repairs including removal of rust and recoating of the steel column bases in the exterior wall of the pool deck, and removal of efflorescence and minor crack sealing in the concrete pool walls.

Overlea High School Greenhouse Structural Inspection

Baltimore County Public Schools

The existing greenhouse structure at the high school had sustained damage from harsh winter snowstorms, and BAI was responsible for the structural investigation to determine the safety of the building. BAI provided structural engineering services to investigate and assess the damaged greenhouse structure and provide recommendations for repairs or replacement of the structure.  BAI performed an on-site inspection of the building walls, roof framing, column supports and other structural members.  BAI prepared a final report including conceptual sketches, photo inventories, descriptions of structural members and cost estimates for each recommendation for repair and/or replacement.

Victory Villa Elementary School

Baltimore County Public Schools

BAI has been collaborating with Baltimore County Public Schools to provide professional engineering services under multiple on-call civil and structural engineering design agreements.  Under these agreements, BAI provided structural analysis services for Victory Villa Elementary School.  The existing wood structural support framing for the first floor hallway corridor was deteriorated and needed to be investigated for structural safety.  BAI performed a complete analysis for the flooring, joist framing, connections, bearing plats and other structural members and supports.   BAI prepared complete design plans, details, specifications and cost estimates for the floor replacement.

Bryant Woods Elementary School Structural Analysis

Howard County Public Schools

In cooperation with Howard County Public School system, Brudis provided detailed structural engineering services to determine if the existing structural roof framing had sufficient capacity to support new HVAC equipment. BAI provided field investigation and condition assessment, measurements, structural analysis and computation based upon building code standards, loads and final report. BAI also prepared construction plans and specifications for the new structural framing, which was required to support the equipment and provided construction phase services.

Berlin Middle School Traffic Study

Maryland State Highway Administration

During the arrival and departure of school students at Berlin Middle School, vehicular traffic waiting to pick-up or drop-off students would queue or back-up into the roadway (US 113).   BAI examined the existing conditions and features at the school and provided field observations of the morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up.  Peak hour observations of several adjacent intersections were also included.

Ultimately, BAI’s study involved a safety review of all of the existing roadway and school zone signing, an analysis of the school bus and traffic patterns, as well as the direct pedestrian routes to the school.

Hillcrest Elementary School Parking Improvements

Frederick County Public Schools

BAI was responsible for parking, traffic and pedestrian safety improvements at the school.  BAI prepared a traffic study examining existing traffic operations, lane configurations and widths, potential utility impacts and developed design documents to improve traffic flow of buses and parent drop off during morning and afternoon hours. BAI also provided landscape design plans including trees and bushes for screening of the parking lot, parking lot lighting design, stormwater management, sediment and erosion control, shop drawing reviews and construction phase services.