Small Structures

Mills Road Culvert Replacement

Washington County Division of Public Works

BAI was responsible for structural, roadway and hydrology/ hydraulics engineering for the Mills Road Bridge Replacement.   The original structure consisted of four two-foot corrugated metal pipe culverts that had been washed-out due to a storm and flooding.  A temporary twin, four-foot structure was installed by the County.  Due to the insufficient size of the  temporary culvert, frequent flooding of the roadway occurred.

BAI developed construction plans, specifications and cost estimates for a new structure. The design included structural design for foundations, roadway approaches, waterway permits, sediment/erosion plans, maintenance of traffic control, hydraulic/hydrology for waterway/stream relocation, stormwater management, scour analysis and scenic landscaping design.

Warfieldsburg Road Culvert Replacement

Carroll County Department of Public Works

This project consisted of the development of plans, specifications and cost estimates for the removal of the existing steel beam and concrete bridge and replacement of a precast concrete box culvert 12’ wide x 5’ in height, in accordance with AASHTO design criteria.

BAI’s design also involved a detailed bridge condition inspection report and an alternative structural repair/replacement analysis.  BAI also prepared detailed hydraulic/hydrology computations and report for the hydraulically-in-kind structure replacement and waterway permitting. Geotechnical investigations and wetland delineation/mitigation were also required for the project.

Chalmers Pedestrian Bridge

Privately Owned

Brudis & Associates, Inc.  is responsible for providing professional civil engineering services for the design of a pre-engineered, site assembled bridge.

BAI prepared the site plan with locations, dimensions and elevations of the proposed bridge and foundations.  BAI provided structural engineering design and plans for the bridge abutments. Roadway elevation of bridge is designed to tie into existing grade at ends of bridge for least impact to floodplain.

BAI also prepared and submitted the Joint Permit Application to the Maryland Department of the Environment for a waterway construction permit.  In order to obtain the permit, BAI performed a hydrology and hydraulic analyses for the proposed bridge. The analysis involved the identification of Impacts to the existing 100-year floodplain.  Construction phase services were also provided for this project.

Melrose Park Pedestrian Bridge

City of Hyattsville

BAI has been responsible providing professional engineering services for civil/site design of a proposed pre-engineered pedestrian bridge at the Melrose Park.

The bridge is located over a small stream between the existing parking lot and basketball court and soccer field. BAI’s design involved the development of a site plan in accordance with regulatory permitting and stormwater management design criteria for the waterway crossing.  Following approval of the stormwater concept plan, the area was cleared and the bridge erected by volunteers.