Bicycle & Pedestrian Studies

US Route 50 Bicycle and Pedestrian Study

Maryland State Highway Administration

Brudis & Associates, Inc. examined bicycle and pedestrian access and safety within the US Route 50 corridor in Ocean City, Maryland. The bicycle and pedestrian corridor study was approximately five (5) miles in length extending into West Ocean City.

The study presented a description of existing pedestrian and bicycle access and identified safety concerns along the route(s). In addition, highway geometric conditions, Ocean City Transit coordination, traffic control devices, prevailing vehicular speeds and evaluation of accidents were examined.

Tuscarora High School Safety Improvements

Frederick County Public Schools

BAI conducted a pedestrian and traffic study within a one-mile radius of the newly opened Tuscarora High School. The analysis determined possible alternatives to optimize conditions for students/pedestrians walking to and from school. The study involved: high school demographics; projected pedestrian volumes; pedestrian crosswalks; Flag-in-the-Air and traffic signals; existing and projected land use; traffic calming techniques; pedestrian overpasses and pedestrian/vehicular volume counts.  Based upon the study, BAI recommended a phased improvement program and prepared detailed design plans, specifications and cost estimates to improve pedestrian and vehicular access to the high school.


Pedestrian Countdown Signal Study

Maryland State Highway Administration

As a pilot project for the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), Brudis & Associates, Inc. conducted a detailed Pedestrian Countdown Signal Study for the Maryland State Highway Administration (SHA) Office of Traffic and Safety.

BAI conducted “before/after” examinations to determine the effect of pedestrian countdown signals on reducing pedestrian/motor vehicle conflicts on marked crosswalks, the effect on driver and pedestrian behavior, and the overall performance of this type of device. Ultimately, this study was used for the development of the state’s pedestrian safety program.