Accident Studies

District of Columbia Highway Safety Studies

District of Columbia Department of Transportation

Brudis & Associates, Inc. provided traffic engineering analyses for the District of Columbia Department of Transportation’s (DDOT’s) Highway Safety Improvement Program. BAI was responsible for conducting traffic engineering studies and evaluations in order to improve highway safety at fourteen (14) intersection that were identified as high crash locations.

This program involved a detailed examination of vehicular and pedestrian traffic, determination of level-of-service; accident analysis and review of accident patterns; capacity evaluations and traffic volumes; sight distance examinations; traffic signal investigations;  and recommendations for safety improvements.

Countywide High Accident Location Program

Frederick County Department of Public Works

Brudis & Associates, Inc. provided complete traffic engineering services for Frederick County, Maryland’s High Accident Location (HALs) program. The project included computer accident database, mathematical formula and   application for candidate intersections and corridors, accident analysis, field investigation, collision examination and capacity evaluations.

 BAI provided complete final report and engineering analysis along with short-term and long-term improvement recommendations to improve traffic safety and operation within the County.

US Route 29 at I-70 Safety Study

Maryland State Highway Administration, District 7 Office

 In response to safety concerns expressed by local citizens, Brudis & Associates, Inc. conducted a detailed traffic safety study at the US Route 29 and I-70 ramps and intersection. This study was performed on on an accelerated completion schedule. The key concerns involved unsafe traffic operations at the ramp intersection which have resulted in multiple accidents including a fatality; queuing of NB US 29 left-turn crossover lane during PM peak hour, which caused a bottleneck effect and hinders motorists along the corridor and; drivers exhibiting dangerous behavior when they aggressively maneuver from lane to lane to/at the I-70 ramp merge.