Speed Management

Wet Weather Variable Speed Limits

Federal Highway Administration

Variable Speed Limit (VSL) controls have been used in some States to alert drivers to reduce their speed in response to a potentially hazardous condition during poor weather.  In an effort to improve vehicular safety in hazardous conditions, the FHWA’s Office of Safety has sponsored this project to develop guidance in recommending the use of VSL signs in wet weather.

In support of the FHWA, BAI is responsible for the collection and analysis of information on existing policies, procedures, and practices by States and local transportation and law enforcement agencies on design, installation, maintenance, evaluation, and enforcement of VSL signs activated by weather conditions.

FHWA Speed Management Program

Federal Highway Administration

With speeding as a factor in nearly 1/3 of all fatal crashes, the US Department of Transportation (USDOT) has established an interagency team involving engineering, enforcement and education to reduce speeding related crashes, fatalities and injuries.

Under this agreement, BAI is providing expert technical support services to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), Office of Safety.  This has involved monitoring and reviewing speed demonstration projects, the planning, preparation and presentations for training seminars.  Engineering services also included speeding related crash analysis, speed managment team support, and coordination with USLIMITS expert speed zone advisor software.

Advisory Speed Study

Maryland State Highway Administration

With the Maryland State Highway Administration, BAI completed an extensive statewide traffic study for a determination of advisory speeds on Maryland highways.  The study examined the motorist, the machine and the roadway as they relate to those locations that require a reduction of speed from the posted regulatory limits.  BAI’s study on the posting of advisory speeds has been referenced in AASHTO’s, A Policy on Geometric Design of Highways and Streets.

Work Zone Automated Speed Enforcement

Maryland State Highway Administration

In cooperation with the Maryland State Highway Administration’s Office of Traffic & Safety, BAI was a major contributor in the development of the Automated Speed Enforcement Program through Maryland Work Zones.  This program has involved research and review of the state-of-the-practice with regard to camera enforcement technologies.  BAI’s services have included site visits and program evaluations of current camera enforcement programs.