Traffic Impact Studies

Traffic Impact Studies

Bel Air, Maryland

BAI successfully provided professional services to review traffic impact studies (TIS) and provided expert testimony at the Town of Bel Air Planning Commission for multiple locations that included: 

• Gateway Condominiums (300 Unit Complex)
• Landford Mixed Use Development
• Atwood Center (Office Complex)
• 515 South Tollgate Road (Medical Office Expansion)
• Walgreen’s Drugstore (Gas Station Redevelopment
• Pete’s Cycle (Operations Expansion)
• Bel Air Liquors (Shopping Center)

Wilco-Hess Truck Stop Traffic Impact Study


BAI investigated the design of a crossover on US Route 58 to provide an additional entrance to the Wilco-Hess Truck Stop.  This concept was proposed in order to provide trucks with greater accessibility to the facility’s scales.  Specifically, the study analyzed conditions at the adjacent intersection and the proposed crossover and examined existing traffic conditions, anticipated future traffic demand due to traffic growth and site development, intersection capacities and operations, and access to/from the proposed site. As a result of the study, BAI provided final recommendations in favor of the crossover.

Love’s Travel Plaza & Country Store Traffic Impact Study

South Hill, Virginia

Brudis & Associates, Inc. completed a Traffic Impact Study (TIA) to determine the effects of developing a truck stop at this proposed location in South Hill, Virginia. The TIA involved the study of five intersections within the project area.  BAI examined existing and future site development, background developments, traffic volume counts, access points, etc.  A like facility in Fancy Gap, Virginia was also counted in order to determine comparable trip generations.  Finally, a Synchro model of existing and proposed conditions was developed along with BAI’s final recommendations report.