Neighborhood Conservation

Jacqueline Lane Improvements

Baltimore County Department of Public Works

In cooperation with the Baltimore County Department of Public Works, BAI was responsible for the design of improvements to the residential roadway, Jacqueline Lane, from its intersection with Dubois Avenue to its southern dead end. Improvements included the installation of curb and gutter, sidewalk, a re-design of the closed drainage system, and a design of a “T” turnaround at the southern end.Engineering services for this project involved: Topographic surveys, determination of right-of-way lines and property boundaries; design of a new roadway profile and cross section; storm drainage inlets, pipes, and connection to an existing system; and design of erosion and sediment control.

Symington Avenue Improvements

Baltimore County Department of Public Works

BAI provided design improvements to the residential roadway of Symington Avenue from MD 144 (Frederick Road) to just outside of the intersection of Mount Ridge Road. This neighborhood improvement project involved: Full-depth road widening for on-street parking; overlay of the existing road;  replacement of mountable curb with vertical-face curb and gutter; complete replacement of sidewalks (many were in disrepair) with new ADA-compliant sidewalk;  relocation of streetlights;  concrete driveway aprons and concrete / asphalt driveway tie-ins; detailed grading tie-ins to minimize and/or avoid impacts to residential yards and stone retaining walls;  drainage inlet relocations and pipe reconfigurations; and erosion and sediment control.BAI also had to coordinate directly with the Maryland State Highway Administration to obtain design plans for an impending improvement project that was being designed along MD 144, in order to determine correct tie-ins for sidewalk and curb returns.

Hamilton Street Artway

City of Hyattsville Deparment of Public Works

To improve public safety, community aesthetics and general traffic and pedestrian operations, BAI developed complete construction plans, specifications and cost estimates for Artway improvements to Hamilton Street within the City of Hyattsville, Maryland. 

Ultimately, the engineering design redefined vehicular travel lanes, repaired failing pavement within the corridor, and incorporated bicycle lanes and on-street parking. 

BAI was responsible for the geometric realignment, sidewalk retrofitting, redefinition of travel lanes and incorporation of bicycle lanes and on-street parking, landscaping, pedestrian lighting, development of concrete bus pads, drainage design, sustainable stormwater management and sediment and erosion control plans in accordance with regulatory permitting.   The design also enhanced pedestrian movements through sidewalk upgrades and pedestrian lighting.