Truck Weigh/Inspection Stations

US Route 301 Truck Pull off

Maryland State Highway Administration

Brudis & Associates, Inc. provided engineering services for a new truck safety and inspection pull off station located at the intersection of US Route 301 and MD Route 299 near the Delaware/Maryland State border. The project involved extensive preliminary studies and presentations, for ramp alignment, internal truck circulation, weigh access, truck parking/impoundment area, site layout, intersection realignment, pavement section and construction cost.


Truck Weigh/Inspection Station, Weigh-in-Motion Equipment

Maryland State Highway Administration

In cooperation with the Maryland State Highway Administration, Brudis & Associates, Inc. provided a detailed examination of the Office of Motor Carrier-Truck Weigh and Inspection Division’s Weigh-in-Motion (WIM) equipment technology. The existing equipment, used for truck weigh screening and sorting at truck weigh and inspection stations (TWIS), was non-operational. BAI was requested to develop recommendations for future WIM applications.

Through BAI’s analysis, it was determined that the most prominent cause of a system malfunction was in the installation. This included drainage and compliance with ASTM-1318 standards, which identifies the horizontal and vertical geometric requirements for the WIM systems. The project involved  investigations in terms of use, need, application and operation, complete with recommendations for improvement and site operation.