Drainage, Stormwater Management, Erosion & Sediment Control

I-68 Drainage Improvements

Maryland State Highway Administration

To control extensive erosion and drainage problems along Interstate 68, Brudis & Associates, Inc. provided detailed drainage analysis, complete with hydraulic computations to repair this embankment.  Upon completion of the analysis, BAI developed complete construction plans, specification and cost estimates for the stream outfalls and drainage in West Midlothian, Maryland.

For its engineering design, BAI was awarded the Maryland Quality Initiative (MDQI) Award of Excellence for Erosion and Sediment Control on this project.

Building 245 Drainage Study

National Institute of Standards & Technology

Under an indefinite delivery contract, Brudis & Associates, Inc. is responsible for providing engineering services for the US Department of Commerce, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). The NIST is a Research and Development (R&D) facility with 52 buildings and supporting structures located in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

The Radiation Physics Building located on campus has an existing drainage system (a closed storm drain system and shallow swales) that does not adequately manage rainfall.  This results in flooding.

BAI provided a detailed drainage study of the area to eliminate the flooding impacts.  BAI also developed concept plans which addressed grading and drainage alongside the building.

Bellona Avenue Drainage Improvements

Baltimore County Department of Public Works

Under a multi-year agreement with the Baltimore County Department of Public Works, Bureau of Engineering & Construction, BAI was responsible for the drainage improvements of a  ½-mile segment of suburban roadway.

The project has involved the development of conceptual design and preliminary design documents for roadway and roadside drainage improvements.  Considerable forest stand impact analysis, downstream hydrologic and hydraulic analyses were also necessary due to the maturity of this neighborhood.  A curb and gutter/closed pipe system was developed, and an analysis was performed to demonstrate that the 100-year storm event for the Bellona Avenue drainage and the nearby Roland Run Stream did not occur at the same time, so as not to breach a levee that was present around a neighborhood near the downstream outfall.

Hamilton Street Sustainable Stormwater Management

City of Hyattsville

In an effort improve public safety, community aesthetics and general traffic and pedestrian operations, BAI developed complete construction plans, specifications and cost estimates for Artway improvements to Hamilton Street.  In general, the project involved geometric realignment, sidewalk retrofitting, redefinition of travel lanes and incorporation of bicycle lanes and on-street parking, landscaping, and pedestrian lighting.  BAI was responsible for drainage design and sustainable stormwater management along the corridor.  This involved the design of rain gardens. BAI’s design also involved sediment and erosion control plans in accordance with regulatory permitting and stormwater management design. BAI also provided construction phase services.

Urban Drainage Design at 15th Street

District of Columbia Department of Transportation

BAI provided three safety improvement alternatives that considered geometric improvements and traffic signalization as well as streetscape design and vehicular, pedestrian and bicyclist traffic needs. In two proposed alternatives, the intersection remained signalized, while the third alternative is an un-signalized roundabout.

With the selection of the preferred alternative, BAI prepared preliminary and final design plans, which involved streetscape design and landscaping that has incorporated low impact development (LID) concepts.

TMDL/MS4 Compliance

Baltimore County Department of Public Works

058-croppedBAI is responsible for program management and the preparation of complete construction documents for industrial sites within Baltimore County. The projects were a part of MS-4 compliance for industrial sites, in order to obtain the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) General Permit for Discharges for Stormwater Associated with Industrial Activities. Project goals included treating 20% for the existing impervious through the use of stormwater Best Management Practices (BMP) or reducing the site impervious area by 20% or combination thereof. BAI has completed five project locations including:

  • Baltimore County DPW Training Academy
  • Chesterwood Park
  • Liberty Road VOM
  • Essex Utilities Yard
  • Essex VOM Shop