Hydrology & Hydraulics

MD 831 Over Jennings Run

Maryland State Highway Administration

BAI was responsible for providing complete hydrology and hydraulic analysis for the planned removal of the MD 831 bridge over Jennings Run in  Alleghany County.

BAI analyzed the removal of the bridge to determine the flooding conditions of the downstream properties adjacent to the bridge. There were a number of buildings located within the hydraulic influence of the structure scheduled for removal.  BAI’s analysis also included effects to performance and safety of two other bridges located in the vicinity. 

The hydrology study of the 38 mi² Jennings Run watershed as well as the 227 mi² Wills Creek watershed, was necessary in order to determine hydrographs, peak discharges, and timing of the peak discharges in these locations. 

MD 287 Over the Choptank River

Maryland State Highway Administration

Brudis & Associates, Inc. was responsible for complete hydrology and hydraulic analysis for the MD Route 287 bridge over the Choptank River. The existing Sandy Island Bridge is a 240 ft. four-span concrete arch bridge that is to be removed.  A replacement is to be constructed downstream. 

The Choptank River is located on the Maryland Eastern Shore and drains to the Chesapeake Bay. It is also located in a Coastal Area watershed. BAI developed a complete hydrology model and analysis of the 99 mi² Choptank River watershed located in Caroline County (16 mi²), Queen Anne’s County (3 mi²) and Kent County (80 mi²), DE. The hydrology analysis determined existing and ultimate development condition discharges at the MD 287 crossing.

MD 131 Over Roland Run Tributary

Maryland State Highway Administration

In cooperation with the Maryland State Highway Administration’s Office of Structures, Brudis & Associates, Inc. performed the hydrology and hydraulic analysis of the 4.3 mi² Roland Run watershed located in Baltimore County, Maryland. 

The purpose of this analysis was to determine existing and ultimate development condition discharges at the MD 131  bridge over the  Tributary of Roland Run, as well as three other crossings downstream of the MD 131 bridge.


Hamilton Run Stream Restoration

City of Hagerstown

In cooperation with the City of Hagerstown, BAI is responsible for providing design services for the restoration of a 500 LF segment of Hamilton Run and the Lake located within Pangborn Park.

For the Stream Restoration and Lake Retrofit efforts, BAI’s design removed the existing man-made stone walls along the stream and lake banks and restored the stream with natural techniques, native plants and trees.  The project used natural channel design to incorporate hard and bioengineered (natural materials and native plantings) stabilization techniques on the channel and stream banks, reconnecting the floodplain, and providing self-sustaining riparian buffer and wetland improvements. 

Additionally, the project involved major outfall stabilization, energy dissipation, flow diversion to the Lake, shear stress and floodplain impact analysis,  waterway construction permit, material handling (re-use/removal of materials), the dredging of lake sediment, raising and widening of the stream using natural channel design techniques, aesthetic and aquatic habitat enhancement.