Garretts Mills Road Bridge

Brudis & Associates, Inc. (BAI) is responsible for the assessment/ inspection, analysis, and design for the $1.1M design-build bridge replacement project in Washington County, Maryland. During the flooding of May 2018, the 23’-0” x 13’ +/- concrete slab and integral steel beam bridge and adjacent roadway were severely damaged with significant portions of the roadway rendered unusable. BAI, as part of the Building Systems Inc. design-build team, developed the design for a replacement structure over Israel Creek. BAI was responsible for all design elements including st ructural, roadway, drainage, hydrology & hydraulic analysis, stormwater management, erosion and sediment control design, and necessary permitting in accordance with applicable State, County, AASHTO, and MDE specifications/standards. The existing one-lane structure is a concrete slab and integral steel beam bridge originally built in 1910 and reconstructed in 1989. The project duration is approximately 8 months from design to bridge opening to traffic.

BAI divided the project into 2 submittals to accelerate the contractor’s mobilization and start of construction. BAI’s first package was considered an emergency package by MDE and Washington County Soil Conservation District (SCD). In this package, BAI established erosion and sediment controls for removal of the damaged structure, debris removal, and placement of the subfooting concrete.  BAI received approval from MDE and SCD in under 75 days.  During this period, BAI was developing the design for a single span concrete precast arch structure placed on precast footings, finalized the roadway profile, signing and markings.  Final permits were obtained in under 105 days.

Structural Engineering: Structural engineering design task included demolition details, establishing the proposed bridge type and span, determining the foundation requirements, setting the wingwall lengths, and determining the traffic barrier details. Based on the computed scour depths, the design-build team elected to cast sub-footing concrete directly on rock to provide scour protection to the new structure.  In order to accelerate the construction schedule, precast footings, arches, and wingwalls were utilized.   BAI provided on-site technical support and shop drawing review services during construction.

Water Resources and Environmental: Water resources and environment design tasks included drainage, stream hydrology and hydraulics, storm water management, erosion and sediment control, and coordination with permit review agencies (e.g., JPA package to MDE, ESC plans to Washington County Soil Conservation District) and the construction contractor.